Membership Options

Here’s 2 ways you can become a member of the community:

1. FREE Community Membership

The CONNECTWORK Business Community is a FREE closed Facebook group for local business owners and professionals based on the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney.

The purpose of the group is to build strength in our local community by connecting local business owners and supporting local business growth.

An opportunity to connect, learn and network online with like-minded individuals.

2. CONNECT Group Membership

The CONNECT networking group is a space to connect with other business professionals, whilst developing yourself and building your business. A great opportunity to network face-to-face and online with like-minded individuals.

The only expectation of group membership is to attend as many of the fortnightly meetings as possible and it doesn’t have the weekly commitment, unrealistic expectation and strict rules of other business groups.

The purpose of each group is to create and maintain new relationships, share and discuss useful business topics and support one another to grow.

We meet every fortnight in-person at a local cafe. The Northern Beaches meetings are from 9:15am with a 9:30am start and finish around 10:30am. Each group is made up of only one business per specific business niche. We limit the number of members to 15 to keep the group at a manageable and intimate size.

We welcome any potential new members to visit a group meeting once for free and check it out before deciding if it would suit them to join. There is no separate cost for the meetings and no set fee for food and drinks, only pay for what you would like to order at the venue.

CONNECT Group membership benefits also include:

  • An individual business listing on the CONNECTWORK website with a backlink to your business website.
  • Exposure to the overall community and extended networking opportunities to grow your business.
  • Business Day – every Tuesday each Group member will have the opportunity to share one advertising/promotional post to the whole community within the greater Facebook Group.

Membership Fees:

One-off joining/admin fee of $100+GST

6 monthly membership fee of $440+GST

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